Mar 2020

DAC moves remote but keeps the romance

Company statement

Hi all, hope you are all keeping safe and healthy. We have been quiet of late as we have been working away on projects and keeping an eye on the changing events.

To share the situation at Design and Code, we would like to let everyone know – we are still here. We made the transition to working from home last week and we are settling in and keeping the fun spirit of Design and Code alive using video calls and chat channels, which includes the newly set up #remote-romance. When a big part of what you do comes from the connections with your teammates you need to make sure that is not lost.

Our current focus is making sure our team, our families and friends are safe and stay healthy both physically and mentally. We are adhering to the lockdown to do our part in minimising the spread of the virus. As a business and as individuals we are looking at what we can do also to help and support others during the coming weeks and months.

If you would like any tips or advice on how to adapt your business to the current situation and working more in a digital environment, our virtual doors are open, and we are happy to share what you could do.

Our clients are also our priority, we consider them part of the Design and Code family and will continue to support and deliver what they need. We have the tools and processes set up so we can still communicate and collaborate with them effectively and keep the wheels turning.

There is a feeling of uncertainty about what lies ahead, and we are losing control, but we can take that back by controlling how we behave and act during this time.  Look out for each other, be kind and make positive choices (this includes switching off the TV or social media to give yourself a break).

The world isn’t ending, it’s just changing momentarily.

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