Raising awareness about anti spill solutions for liquids stored offshore

Energy Institute


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Our challenge was to produce a short, engaging animation with a specific focus on the practice of storing liquids offshore by introducing the use of a bund as an essential safety product.

Storyboard for animation
Storyboard for animation

The opening statement sparks thought and engagement by asking rhetorical questions, with moving elements helping the animation flow continuously between scenes.

The animation had to be incredibly visually stimulating and easily digestible to ensure that offshore workers of varying levels could understand the information and that their attention was held for two minutes without voiceover.

A style combining technical messaging and visual impact was developed with the use of large 3D typography, industry textures and striking colour scheme to attract the audience’s attention.

3D Textures

The animation distinctly addresses the key topic, establishing a unique alternative to the presentation of offshore media.



“We recently worked together with DAC to produce an animation to raise awareness on the importance of using bunding as secondary containment systems within offshore environments.

DAC were welcoming and extremely easy to work with, providing the patience and flexibility we needed to create a video that aligned with our members wants and needs. We would certainly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Amaia O’Reilly
Technical Officer, Energy Institute

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