A colourful digital library of natural ceramic glazes

Glaze Spectrum


Glaze Spectrum is a library of natural glazes created by Helen Love as a reference and learning resource for ceramicists, artists and students.

In response to an invitation to create a ceramic installation for the re-opening of the Aberdeen Art Gallery, Helen challenged herself make the brightest spectrum possible using only 8 common metal oxides.

Glaze spectrum cobalt tiles

2 years and 1500 glaze test tiles later, Helen approached us armed with masses of data and the aim to share it with everyone around the world.

Working closely with Helen, we developed a digital resource that made the beautiful tiles the focus.

Glaze Spectrum website on mobile
Glaze Spectrum website on mobile

The tiles are displayed in groups of oxide and can also be filtered by colour, firings, clays and base glazes.

Users can select a tile to access the method, recipe and share the tile on social media.

Helen Love with her tiles at the ‘Show Some Love’ event

Helen Love with her tiles at the ‘Show Some Love’ event

DAC hosted the ‘Show Some Love’ event to help raise awareness of the project with the local business and creative communities. Read more about it here.

Show Some Love event

Based on Helen’s handwriting, the ‘Love Glaze’ typeface was created to convey the handmade feel of each tile. This is used throughout social media and promotional materials.

Tile from the Glaze Spectrum
Glaze Spectrum typeface

Each tile has a unique hashtag, so users can easily search for and share their own results of using specific glazes on social media.

Glaze Spectrum Instagram Feed
Tiles from the glaze spectrum

Arts & Education


“Design and Code had the creativity needed for this project. It had to be visually beguiling and fun; together with the technical expertise to make it work so smoothly and effortlessly and listening skills to understand ceramic glazing, which was totally alien to them at the start. I would highly recommend!”

Helen Love
Ceramic Technician and Artist, Glaze Spectrum

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