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Degree shows are an annual highlight for all those connected with art and design.

With lockdown restrictions leading to the cancellation of degree shows across the world, we partnered with Robert Gordon University, Gray’s School of Art and Look Again to ensure the Gray’s School of Art 2020 degree show went ahead.

We set about recreating the experience of visiting a physical show but in a 3D virtual environment using modern browser-based web technologies – an ambitious undertaking given there was only 10 weeks to deliver the project for opening night.

A key element of the project was allowing each graduate the freedom and flexibility to build and customise their own unique spaces.

In order to achieve this we implemented a rapid training schedule to develop tutorials and coordinate the training of all graduates in the editing software – many of whom weren’t accustomed to working digitally.

Yasmin Ali

Bekki Logue-Reid

Marie-Chantal Hamrock

Rosa Lynn Goldie

We collaborated with artists and designers from a range of disciplines including painting, contemporary art practice, fashion and textiles, communication design, photography and three-dimensional design.

As part of the show, we took on the incredibly difficult task of selecting the winner for our ‘Virtual Space Award’. We chose Shae Myles who won a placement with us, and now has a junior role at Design and Code.

Shae Myles McCruden’s space

Shae Myles

The opening week attracted over 10,000 visitors from 85 countries — a marked increase on the usual 2000 visitors to the physical show. The global exposure generated exciting new opportunities for the graduates that would not have been possible previously.

Virtual club space with blue fog and large sun at the core

Turning up the heat in Club Core

Club Core hosted a timetable of live streaming performances by local DJs and showcased visuals by motion graphic artists as well as allowing visitors an opportunity to dance through their digital avatars. Additional spaces such as a virtual smoking area and wine box heaven could also be discovered with a little exploration.

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“What we have is not just a product that is brilliant and amazingly successful, but it symbolises reinvention, pioneering spirit, creative risk, and a new dawn of how we can reimagine the School. Our Virtual Degree Show will open so many doors now for us… thank you.

With heartfelt thanks, warmest wishes, and deepest respect for your work and your professionalism.”

Libby Curtis
Head of School, Gray's School of Art

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