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Sense Scotland


Sensatronic Lab is an experimental music, art and technology project working with young people with additional support needs.

They use collaborative processes and open source technology to create new types of musical instruments.

Following a successful launch in Glasgow, we were approached to help scale their project for roll-out across Scotland.

Focussing specifically on accessibility, we developed their identity, brand materials and interactive website.

A high contrast colour palette was created to maximise accessibility and reflect the project’s punk characteristics.

Each page has its own vibrant colour and pattern inspired by soundwaves. This unique visual system is combined with big and bold typography, to help users navigate the site.

An interactive feature, incorporating audio produced by the Sensatronic team, has also been included into the organisation’s touring workshop programme.

Loading sounds..

A robust and user-friendly Content Management System was implemented to ensure the website is easily updated and maintained by the young people running the project.

Slide to see how the site looks for colour blind users

Slide to see how the site looks for colour blind users

Arts and culture


Bal Cooke, Audio Production
Sensatronic Lab, Photography
Geraldine Heaney, Photography
Libby Odai, Photography


”The website is stunning, dynamic, visually interesting and easy to access via the content management system.

It’s totally representative of our organisation and frames our studio space with our instruments.

We incorporate the interactive ‘Play Me’ feature into our workshop sessions and events. The visuals and sound samples are a huge hit with our young audience.”

David McCluskey
Lead Artist, Sense Scotland

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