May 2021

Singles Club 💔 – Can I Rave Yet?

Words by Jack Murray-Brown


For all those living in isolation and trying to find love on the dance-floor, this can be a trying time. But worry no more. Help is at hand. We present to you a new series of posts entitled ‘Singles Club 💔 ’. Taking you through a selection of ‘Single-serving Sites’ in each edition and shedding some light on the history of these magical digital creations. Hopefully helping you out there to find some World Wide Warmth. As part of each edition we’ll be adding our own single serving site in a hope it can find some love out there on the web.

What is a Single-serving Site?

A single serving site can simply be defined as a site with a single page and a single purpose. So for example a social network site like Twitter has many features, many pages, lots of different things you can do. In contrast a single serving site has only on feature, one page. They have been around since the start of the web however have only been referred to ‘single serving sites’ since 2008. The beauty comes in their simplicity. In a world where the web is becoming more complex, more technical, more tangled each day, its important to remember what the web was made for – FUN!

Give me some love

Here are a selection of single serving sites to get you started, including the very first page on the internet!


Our Single-serving Site

For this first edition of Singles Club we are realising a resource we have been working hard on over the last few months. CAN I RAVE YET is the most up to date resource for the current rave status in the UK. Using data from multiple accredited and trusted sources, we combine these and use the latest AI technologies to create an accurate picture of the real-time status of the rave in the UK. As the dance floor looms ever closer and rave in the UK will be back soon it’s more important than ever that you know the rave status! Look no where else for your rave status updates.

Thanks to our official sponsors and data sources:

Official sponsors and data sources for CAN I RAVE YET?

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