Oct 2019

Team DAC get stuck into riso printing with Neil Corall at Peacock Visual Arts

Words by Ruth Kirby Organ

Colour interaction and paper samples

Recently the team dropped by Peacock Visual Arts for a much-enjoyed evening of exploring the wonders of risograph printing.

For those who don’t know, a risograph printer is like a beautiful hybrid of a photocopier and screen printing. It builds up your design by printing layers of single colours one at a time.

The soy-based inks leave a stunning overlap of the colours which anyone who has had experience with the process knows is addictive to explore.

Tonal colour and paper samples

The unexpected results make for a really pleasing and playful experience. Watching the machine smash about as it fires out prints at an impressively high rate is quite a spectacle in itself. It was a joy to peer over and watch pages fly out the side of the printer and get to watch as the process progresses layer by layer.

We had a variety of styles in our group with some including photography, digital illustration, hand drawn on-the-spot creations and some a mix of them all.

The textures from the process and possibility for exploration in the overlapping of colours is addictive and since our night at Peacocks many members of Design and Code have become repeat offenders at the Castlegate facility.

It was a real pleasure to spend time with the team away from our screens and work with a hands-on process together. We were made to feel incredibly welcome by Neil Corall whose passion for riso is infectious.

Peacocks Visual Arts now hold a Riso Club on Thursdays evenings. Be sure to say hello to us if you see any Design and Code members there!

Look out for our risograph printed goods and more on our shop Disco and Coffee — website coming soon! In the meantime, check out the shop’s Instagram to see what fun products we’ve been busy making.

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